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Dr. Chetankumar J. Lad


“The power of the future is the power of the mind." - Winston Churchill 

If mass production characterized the industrial revolution, individual creativity and brilliance marks the information revolution of this century. Development is no longer symbolized by imposing plants and machinery; instead knowledge is now universally recognized as the true strength of a nation. Using information technology we now have the ability to tap information sources in our environment and manipulate it for the growth and development of mankind.

From a modest beginning in 2010, Naran Lala School of Management & Computer Science, Navsari has now grown into a fully integrated management institute. The guiding philosophy of the school, throughout, has been creation of knowledge, influencing management practices and integrates globally to become a part of best management solutions.


The institute is committed to creating an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students irrespective of caste, creed & gender at affordable cost. We strongly support interdisciplinary research and development for the benefit of Industry as well as Society.


I always advise my students to make best use of the opportunity available to them, confront the challenges, to aim high and contribute to the enrichment of academic environment today, and later to lead professions so that they effectively contribute to the improvement of society.


I am looking forward to you as a mentor to our student, parent, alumni, or a prospective employer. Kindly go through this brochure and let us know the way to serve you with our students as well as institute.


Looking forward for your valuable support.


Sincerely Yours

Dr. Chetankumar J Lad


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